"We exist to produce ambassadors who passionately proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of their world."

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The message we deliver as ambassadors and the tool we use to reproduce ourselves is none other than the good news that God has reconciled the world to himself through Jesus Christ and him alone. The object of our faith is Jesus Christ. As a result of our interaction with those who are far from God, our desire is that they walk away convicted by the Holy Spirit to love God because of the grace shown in Jesus Christ.

Produce Ambassadors...

Jesus left his disciples on this earth not to be passive in their Christian life, but to be actively making disciples. We believe God has built his church for the particular task of being his representatives in a foreign world. We function as ambassadors who desire to reproduce ourselves.


The Context of Their World

God has given each ambassador a mission field in which to work. Our families, our jobs, our social activities, even our weekly trip to the grocery store. These are all fields ripe for harvest and areas in which we may let our light shine before others, so that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

Passionately Proclaim

As ambassadors of Christ, we do not casually live our our mission but fulfill it with purpose and intentionality. Because of the grace shown to us, we are emphatic in announcing to the world the message we have received from our Lord. We deliver this message through the presentation of our words and the display of our lives.