Jimmy King, II

Senior Pastor

Jimmy King, II is a loving husband and father, dedicated and committed teacher and friend, and fervent servant of God. He was ordained an Itinerate Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in 1997. In that same year, he pastored his first church, Greater Mount Olive A.M.E. Church, in the small rural community of Coleman, FL.

In the fall of 2003, with a desire to be better equipped for the work of ministry, Jimmy entered Dallas Theological Seminary and graduated in 2006 with a Master of Theology in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership.

In 2008, God called Jimmy to the Northeast to pastor First Baptist Church in Union, NJ. During that time, Jimmy got involved with theological education and became a guest professor of New York Divinity School, Brooklyn, NY and Newark Theological College, Newark, NJ.

In 2010, Jimmy moved back to Orlando and began laying the foundation for what would eventually become Proclamation Church.

Keeyon Upkins

Associate pastor

While working for a Big 4 accounting firm as a CPA, God began granting Keeyon opportunities to have faith discussions and share the gospel with co-workers. After discussion with his family and spiritual leaders, Keeyon determined that seminary was the next step to prepare him for the ministry to which God was leading him. In the fall of 2011, Keeyon and his wife, Ashli moved to Dallas to pursue a Master of Theology (Th.M.) at Dallas Theological Seminary. Keeyon completed the Th.M. with a concentration in New Testament and Christian Education in the summer of 2014. He and his family then moved to Orlando to serve at Proclamation Church.

Keeyon has been blessed by God to have his wonderful wife Ashli by his side. God has also blessed them with two wonderful sons, Ashton and Austin. A third baby boy is on the way. Two more and he will have his own in-house basketball squad.