Expository Preaching

We believe no church is healthy if it lacks the preaching of God's Word. Scripture will be accurately taught with relevant application to stimulate faith resulting in changed lives to the glory of God. We commit to making Jesus the core of the words we speak and the lives we lead.

Passtionate Evangelism

We believe that the church is to be about the business of introducing those far from God to the one who has nullified the separation. We are ambassadors of the kingdom of Jesus Christ who are on a mission to present the good news of the gospel in a foreign environment.

Intentional Discipleship

We believe that the only way to ensure the gospel is protected and entrusted to others who would carry it on is to be intentional in training and instructing those who are new or unlearned in the faith. Through intentional discipleship, the church continues the work of defending and furthering the faith.

Unconditional Sacrifice

We believe that a life in submission to the will of God will undoubtedly lead to times of personal sacrifice. We sacrifice our time, our resources, and our lives unconditionally at the will of God with the same mindset of Jesus Christ who gave of himself for undeserving sinners.

UNITEd Fellowship

We believe that God has called us to be one just as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. We have a commitment to one another that results in a deep participation and sharing in the lives of our fellow believers. No one walks alone and no one is left behind.