Our vision is the image of what we see that lies ahead. Our vision is not what is, but what we hope will be. Yet, the vision is so imprinted in our view that all that we actually see is interpreted through the lens of this vision.

At Proclamation Church, we envision our members sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands in the Orlando area. As a result of this witness, many will come to see the horror of their rebellion and the beauty of God's grace. The hearers of this proclaimed gospel will understand their separation from God and run to the Savior, Jesus Christ, who reconciled this broken relationship.

We envision these new believers in the work and person of Jesus Christ joining churches all around the city and being taught what it means to follow the Jesus Christ. Men will sit down with other men. Women with meet with other women. Couples will share with other couples. Parents will sit down with children. Children will open the bible with parents and grandparents. Co-workers will meet during lunch and breaks to share, encourage, and train. In this way, no one will be lost in the hustle and bustle of church events. Instead, each will be cared for personally by others in the body.

We envision a church that has been so inundated with the true gospel of Jesus Christ that it rejects all other false gospels. It is not fooled by theologies of work-based salvation. It denies theologies that maximize the glory of material and minimize the glory of God. It resolves to no nothing but Christ and him crucified when sharing the gospel. It dares to be politically incorrect for the sake of being true to its God and his message.

We envision a community that cannot escape the message of the gospel the church cannot stop sharing it where it goes. A grocery store that knows that its Christian customer will always seek to share the good news of Christ with the cashier. A mail carrier who is encouraged in the gospel on a daily basis. A server who receives messages of hope found in Christ next to the tip on a receipt. A bank teller who receives something much sweeter in the name of Jesus Christ than the lollipop he or she gave to the customer. A homeless person who knows grace and mercy from Jesus Christ will always be shown by the businessperson who daily passes by his stoop. A sinner who knows their Christian friend will always speak to them truthfully according to scripture, but never with condemnation or hate.

Is it a lofty vision? Of course it is! But anytime we believe our vision may be too far in the clouds, we consider that our God reigns supreme from the heavens. Even a vision in the clouds is well beneath what he is capable of doing.